Cybersecurity & Fraud Prevention

Retirement Plan Consultants understands the importance of cybersecurity, and we take our role in preventing fraudulent activity on retirement accounts very seriously. As such, we are committed to utilizing industry-leading policies, procedures and technology to build awareness and safeguard your employees’ hard-earned assets.

As part of our fraud prevention efforts, Retirement Plan Consultants has designed and implemented strict protocol for identity verification during phone calls. In addition, we are adding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to our website and will soon be launching additional enhancements. These measures are intended to improve the layers of security and help ensure that your retirement plan is not impacted by fraudulent activity.


Beginning August 1, 2019, our website will require a second layer of authentication. Users will be required to enter a One-Time PIN number (OTP) as part of the sign-in process. The time-sensitive OTP can be received via email, SMS text message, or the Google Authenticator app.

User profiles must include at least one email address and phone number. This contact information is necessary to ensure that every user is able to receive their OTP codes, as well as perform other functions (such as resetting a forgotten password).

Phone Calls

All phone calls regarding account information are subject to our identity verification protocol, where callers will be asked a series of security questions. Although this may be perceived by some as a nuisance, our aim is to ensure every reasonable effort is made to protect against fraudsters. Our procedures will continually be updated as cybersecurity needs change.

  • In the event of a suspected fraud attempt, the plan sponsor and affected participant will be notified. 
  • In select circumstances, participant accounts will also be flagged as ‘At Risk’.  


Retirement Plan Consultants has made applicable forms available on Plan Sponsor Web & Participant Web. Many of our web forms are updated periodically, and we require the most current version of select forms. Please download forms from the website, as they are needed, to ensure you are using the most up-to-date versions.  

Electronic Communications

Email is a susceptible mode of communication, and it can be risky to transmit non-public information (NPI) over email. 

  • Please utilize this link, instead of email, to send files securely to Retirement Plan Consultants. You may also continue utilizing PlanSponsorLink, when applicable.
  • Participants are encouraged to take advantage of their Account Website to securely manage their account & profile information. 
  • In the event that Retirement Plan Consultants finds it necessary to email NPI to a sponsor or advisor, encryption and/or password-protected files will be utilized.

Ongoing Awareness

In this constantly evolving landscape of technology and cybersecurity, awareness is the first-line of defense. Retirement Plan Consultants will continue to focus on awareness with our team, and we urge you to build awareness among your participants.