Retirement Plan Services for Payroll Providers

Who We Are

Retirement Plan Consultants delivers what employers need to get the most from their retirement plans. We provide custom plan design, complete setup and conversion, and hands-on services for plan operation and administration. Whether your client is starting a new plan or needs to review an existing plan, we can design the perfect plan. We call it a SMART plan.

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Grow Your Business

Partner with Retirement Plan Consultants

Increase your bottom line with each client by offering additional services. Stay competitive by integrating payroll and retirement plans for clients.

How We Help

  • Integrate your payroll offering with a retirement plan solution
  • Compete with a bundled solution and active customer service
  • Stronger client relationships through wider service offering
  • We offer competitive pricing and sales assistance to compliment your payroll solution
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Payroll Integration

Payroll Partner

Payroll integration automatically links the payroll system to our recordkeeping software.

How does payroll integration work?

Once payroll processing has been completed, your file will be delivered into our recordkeeping software for processing.

Why should I utilize payroll?

Payroll integration will eliminate manually entering or uploading your payroll information onto the website which will decrease errors and increase efficiency.

Featured Integrations

180º Integration

Access information with one click to significantly reduce administrative burdens.

retirement planning solutions for payroll providers uses payroll 180 degree software integration

360º Integration

Eliminate tasks by entering all relevant employee information once. The data then flows automatically between us and your preferred provider, saving you time.

retirement planning solutions for payroll providers uses payroll 360 degree software integration

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