RPC and Fee-Based Advisor Partnerships

Retirement Plan Consultants and Fee Based Advisor Partnerships

Retirement planning plays a pivotal role in establishing financial security for families. However, navigating this complex landscape can often leave individuals and employers feeling overwhelmed.

At Retirement Plan Consultants (RPC), we understand the challenges that come with retirement planning, which is why we collaborate with fee-based advisors to deliver successful plans that align with the goals of plan sponsors. With an extensive reach that spans over 1,800 plans and 25,000 participants nationwide, RPC is committed to providing high-quality service that revolves around timeliness, accuracy, and consistency. We believe that every client deserves peace of mind when it comes to their retirement, and we strive to make that a reality.

Single Point of Contact

Reflecting on the evolution of retirement plans, the traditional model typically involved insurance companies or payroll providers offering standardized plans with exorbitant fees and lackluster service standards. The subsequent trend of unbundled solutions introduced a fragmented approach, involving a local TPA, separate recordkeeper, a third-party fiduciary service provider, and the advisor. Unfortunately, this left clients feeling overwhelmed with multiple 1-800 numbers and uncertainty about whom to contact for assistance.

Our company has revolutionized the retirement planning experience by providing the ideal solution: a streamlined, turnkey process with a single point of contact. Unlike the disjointed approach of our predecessors, we handle all aspects of the process in-house, enabling seamless communication and integration between departments. As a result, advisors can focus their efforts on working directly with company executives, knowing that RPC has everything under control.

Our commitment to simplifying retirement planning is exemplified by our single point of contact services. With RPC, clients benefit from superior recordkeeping, comprehensive TPA services, and trusted fiduciary services—all conveniently coordinated through a single, reliable source. By eliminating the complexities and frustrations associated with disparate service providers, we empower clients to navigate their retirement plans with ease and confidence.

We believe that retirement planning should be a seamless and stress-free experience for everyone involved. Our integrated approach, personalized services, and unwavering commitment to excellence set us apart as the unrivaled choice for all your retirement planning needs.

Easy-to-use Platform for Advisors

At RPC, we understand the challenges advisors face when it comes to prospecting and gathering essential information. That’s why we provide an invaluable advisor toolkit, complete with a collection of sample letters and articles to support your prospecting efforts.

To further enhance your understanding of a potential client’s retirement plan, simply provide us with the company name, and we will conduct a thorough analysis of their 5500. This comprehensive assessment reveals crucial details such as the types of contributions being made, the contribution amounts, and the payment structure for each service provider. Armed with this valuable information, you’ll enter meetings fully prepared, equipped with a plan discovery scorecard that highlights key questions to ask. This scorecard empowers you to engage in meaningful conversations, demonstrating your expertise and commitment to delivering tailored solutions.

At RPC, we believe in providing advisors with the tools and insights they need to excel in their roles. With our advisor toolkit, targeted lists, detailed 5500 analysis, and plan discovery scorecard, you’ll have a competitive edge and a greater ability to forge strong connections with potential clients.

Customized Plans

With our flexible and open architecture platform, advisors have the freedom to tailor a retirement plan that perfectly aligns with the goals of the company. Whether it’s a 401k, 403b, Cash Balance, or any other type of plan, RPC empowers advisors to create a customized solution that truly fits. Our extensive offering encompasses a staggering selection of 25,000 investment options, including renowned names like Fidelity Investments, Vanguard Group, American Funds, Dimensional Funds, and many others. Gone are the days of a generic, one-size-fits-all approach.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing approach. At RPC, there are no hidden fees lurking in the shadows. We believe in upfront honesty and clarity, ensuring that advisors and their clients have full visibility into the costs associated with their retirement plan.

At Retirement Plan Consultants, our mission is to provide personalized retirement solutions, with excellent customer service, that caters to the unique needs of each advisor, plan sponsor and participant.

As we look towards the future, RPC remains committed to seizing new opportunities in the ever-evolving market. We understand the importance of flexibility and transparency, which is why we offer a flat pricing structure for fee-based advisors and clients seeking a straightforward approach. We recognize the growing need for accurate retirement income projections, and we proudly introduce the Dimensional Target Date Retirement Income Funds, along with a complementary calculator to support this objective. Unlike traditional wealth management, our focus extends beyond managing account balances to ensuring a sustainable income stream that aligns with individual spending objectives throughout retirement.

In anticipation of increased regulations impacting the retirement plan market, RPC stands ready to navigate these changes on behalf of our valued partners. By entrusting us with the complexities of compliance and regulatory requirements, financial advisors can dedicate their time and energy to serving their clients with utmost dedication and care.

Choose RPC as your trusted partner in the retirement planning journey. Together, we can navigate the evolving landscape, stay ahead of regulatory changes, and provide unparalleled support to Plan Sponsors, Participants, and Financial Advisors alike. Discover why financial advisors across the industry are choosing to partner with us today! Contact our sales team for more information.

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